FEMAP 2019.1 Release

Femap 2019.1 Release thumbnail

Delve into the latest features from FEMAP 2019.1 and get faster solutions to the toughest challenges with world-renowned engineering simulation capabilities. FEMAP 2019.1 includes updated icons, a new Select Visible option available during entity selections, enhanced meshing capabilities, added support services, and pre- and post- processing updates. Users can also expect to see new feature releases biannually for access to continuous additional functionality expansions.

Remember to check out the training courses Saratech offers for FEMAP available for software users from beginner to expert level! Also check out our free trial download as well. If you already have a previous version of FEMAP and would like to upgrade, please review the FEMAP Upgrade Instructions to get started.

Expedite your design process with the new Select Visible option from FEMAP 2019.1. Select Visible works well with selection Pick options such as By Color and By Size. Also, you can streamline your workflow further with the added ability to recall prior vector direction definition in FEMAP 2019.1.

Effortlessly load and save materials from various libraries in numerous file locations for ultimate organization and productivity. FEMAP 2019.1 also provides enhanced control of Solid Material Coordinate Systems.

Enhance your creative design process with the new morphing method added to the Sweep command. While being swept along a path, a mesh morphs to stay connected to the adjacent elements and to maintain connectivity. Additionally, a new capability from FEMAP 2019.1 can automatically transition from a hex meshed region to a tet mesh using pyramid elements.

Solver Support
Strengthen your design skills with added support for amazing new features. You can now submit multiple buckling analyses in a single run for Nastran STATSUB Case control. SOL 200 design optimization now supports frequency response analysis and provided support for Ansys and Abaqus translators are available as well.

FEMAP 2019.1 provides enhancements for postprocessing, such as the option to choose from three different contouring styles: Show, Hide, and Contour with Zero. Visualization aids also produce smoother postprocessing such as the View Styles toolbar command to turn on Feature Lines for precise designing methods.

Check out Siemen’s FEMAP playlist to see these new features in action. If you want to see tutorials that will help you make the most of your FEMAP software, be sure to visit Saratech’s FEMAP Playlist.