Industrial Series X3 3D Printer

Create engineering-grade plastic parts with the X3 from Markforged's Industrial Series. The X3 leverages the incredible material qualities of Onyx—twice the strength and stiffness of standard printing plastics—with an advanced sensor suite to deliver unparalleled reliability. Parts meet tight tolerances with beautiful surface finish and are perfect for production line equipment.

Build Volume 330 mm x 270 mm x 200 mm
Layer Height 50 μm
Technology FFF
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Plastics Available

Onyx Filament

Onyx Filament

Designed to combine the toughness and durability of Nylon with the dimensional stability and strength of composites, Onyx is the world's most capable 3D plastic.

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Onyx FR

Fiberglass reinforced Onyx composites are as strong as metal and 20x stiffer than typical 3D printed parts. Onyx FR should be used to print parts that require high-strength, low-weight, and flame-retardant properties.

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Additive Manufacturing Savings

CMM FixtureCMM Fixture

3D print custom fixturing for your QA rooms. Print standalone workholding to eliminate the need for complicated setups. Certify more parts in less time with cost effective, minimal effort fixtures.

Typical Machined Cost: $ 662.10
Markforged 3D Printed Cost: $ 36.03
Savings: 95%

Assembly JigAssembly Jig

Simplify critical assembly with printed jigs to speed up workflows. The chemically resistant, non-marring properties of Onyx make it perfect for manufacturing environments, ensuring long lasting tools that streamline production.

Typical Machined Cost: $ 436.50
Markforged 3D Printed Cost: $ 8.22
Savings: 98%


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