What’s New in Femap 11.3

Femap 11.3 was released end of April. Take a look at the above video and learn everything there is about the new features in Femap 11.3. The following are few of the new functionalities included in the new Femap:

• Group Enhancements: New additions which greatly help to pick entities and create/manage groups.
• Navigation Enhancements: Several new rotation and cursor options which allow for greater control when viewing the model

• Meshing Algorithm: New mesh algorithm enhancements provide smoother meshes and improved mesh control options.
• Interactive Mesh Refine: Improvements to allow for interactive element refining which allows for automatic transitions to surrounding elements.

Solver Support
• Added improvements allowing configuration of multiple solvers within FEMAP
Nastran frequency response enhancements which allow for read and write support for all Nastran FREQ cards as well as an updated method to define solution frequencies.

Post Processing
• Plots: A new option has replaced Contour Vector plots, called Arrow Plots with additional advanced options which improves user capability and control.
• Charting: Allows for quick plotting options for translations, accelerations, or nodal temperatures.

• Graphic and speed enhancements to improve performance