What is Aeropost?

Aeropost is a utility add-on to extend Simcenter Femap’s ability to manage aeroelastic loads models. 

Specifically, it provides a means to post-process aerodynamic results from a Simcenter Nastran static aeroelastic analysis (Solution 144). These results include aerodynamic model displacements, forces, and pressures. It will also display user-defined aerodynamic matrices, including WKK (weighting factors), FA2J (rigid forces), and W2GJ (downwash).

Aeropost Benefits

  • Aeropost reduces time to process aerodynamic displacements
  • Access to Femap postprocessing tools aids visualization and reporting
  • Allows analysts to focus on analysis rather than developing tools
  • Aeropost is embedded within Femap, so engineers already familiar with Femap require minimal training

Aeropost Capabilities

Simcenter Femap: 2020 or later


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